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Scuba Diving and Snorkelling

There is no better way to explore the underwater world and marine life then with scuba diving or snorkelling. Send them or yourself on a diving experience and explore some of the world's hidden treasures. If you're up for an adventure, spearfishing on Little Barrier Island is the perfect way to experience the fastest growing watersport in NZ. For the ultimate scuba diving and underwater experience, take the plunge with the the shark snorkeling in a cage and be face-to-face to these incredible creatures. So dive in to our scuba diving and snorkelling experiences.

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Scuba Diving & Snorkelling Experiences In New Zealand

Discover a whole new world below the waves and take on the adventure of a lifetime with a snorkelling or scuba diving experience in New Zealand. Renowned for its incredible marine life and colourful reefs and corals, there’s nothing like diving into the deep blue in New Zealand.

What’s the difference between snorkelling & scuba diving?

While there are quite a few logistical differences between snorkelling and scuba diving, the major difference between the two activities is how deep you go into the water. With a snorkel, you’re limited to going only as far as your snorkel will reach. While, of course, you can dive deeper into the water with a snorkel to take a closer look at whatever tickles your fancy, a snorkel only allows you to savour the moment from closer to the water’s surface.

Scuba diving, on the other hand, gives you the potential to (almost) dive as deep as you’d like. Armed with an oxygen tank that allows you to completely immerse yourself into the deep blue world below, scuba diving allows you to stay underwater for longer, which can give you a more seamless and hands-on experience with coral reefs and marine life.

Where is the best scuba diving in NZ?

While most people don’t think of New Zealand as a scuba diving destination, the truth is that it truly is! With a wealth of amazing diving spots to explore in New Zealand, you’ll love what the country has to offer and will feel right at home making use of the action-packed gift ideas!

One of the best scuba diving spots in New Zealand is Riwaka Caverns in Nelson is another unique scuba diving experience, but this time the secret lies in freshwater. Nestled in the Nelson Ranges, this river is a natural portal into an impressive underground world that encompasses a massive playground of caves, tunnels and caverns. If you love the boldness of stalactites and stalagmites, this one’s for you!

For those looking to explore a shipwreck, look no further than HMNZS Canterbury in Deep Water Cove in the Bay of Islands. Swim with dolphins, penguins, seals and a range of other marine life as you explore the world below! Perfect for those looking for a dolphin and whale encounter experience, you’ll love scuba diving here.

Scuba Diving Auckland

Auckland usually shines for its culture and arts scene, but did you know it’s home to some pretty impressive scuba diving adventures too? Take on the big blue in Warkworth, Auckland and explore Hen and Chick Islands from below! You’ll love rubbing shoulders with the incredible marine life and checking out the spectacular underwater topography. You’ll get two tank dives, dive gear, weights and the boat charter included in the fare. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a crayfish!

Where is the best snorkelling in NZ?

Explore the deep blue sea with an unforgettable New Zealand snorkelling experience.With so many amazing places to discover the world below, it can be tricky to choose just one location to turn your focus to. If water sports tickle your fancy, you’ll love what’s on offer.

Snorkelling Auckland

One of the best places to snorkel in New Zealand is in Auckland. Make your way to Goat Island and soak up the stunning marine life with a snorkel in hand. Perfect for beginners and experts alike, you’ll love the gorgeous scenery of Goat Island.

Snorkelling Bay Of Islands

If crystal clear water and the idea of swimming with a dynamic array of marine life tickles your fancy, you’ll love snorkelling in the Bay of Islands. Enjoy a scenic cruise dotting through 144 subtropical islands before setting up anchor at two remote bays, where you’ll enjoy snorkelling to your heart’s content. Spot the amazing marine life and discover a brand new way to relax!

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