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Stunt Car Driving School - Level 3
Stunt Car Driving School - Level 3
Stunt Car Driving School - Level 3
  • Stunt Car Driving School - Level 3
  • Stunt Car Driving School - Level 3
  • Stunt Car Driving School - Level 3

Stunt Car Driving School - Level 3

Code: DRU873
  1. Valid for 12 months
  2. Free exchange

Stunt Car Driving is all about performance driving techniques! Take your driving skills to the next level and learn from professionals.

What's Included?

    • Cars and safety equipment
    • Experience all the slides & spins on our slid pan
    • Approximately 3.5 hrs of adrenalin pumping action
    • Safe & controlled environment
    • Thrill Ride
    • Perform 360–1440 degree spins on special slid mat
    • Jump Car over a 7 metre gap!
    • Parallel Stunt parking at speed
    • Reverse parallel stunt parking at speed
    • Race off against each other - specially designed relay course
    • Moose avoidance
    • J-Turn/reverse spins
    • Front Wheel Drifting
    • Jumping the car ramp to ramp then place into precision parallel parks
    • Two wheel driving demo.

After the initial meet & greet plus safely brief what you are going to learn will be carefully explained to you. Jump into the car as a passenger as the instructors take you through an amazing stunt/precision driving routine of all the slides spins & near misses. Get your adrenalin racing as your instructor demonstrates what you can do in a car once you’re comfortable with it sliding.

Now you get behind the wheel as you race down the track pedal to the metal running onto a special slid mat once you do this you lock it up with use of your foot brake. You will you also drive as you jump a car 7 metres through the air ramp to ramp over the top of another car. Now you’re taught how to slide a car into a parallel and reverse parallel park at speed. Once you have done all this you will race off against each other in a specially designed relay course.

Next you’ll learn the J-Turn/Reverse spin. Test your skills as you drive through the moose avoidance drill, increasing speed each time. Now front wheel drifting. Not only do you jump the car ramp to ramp, put it into a precision parallel and reverse parallel park as soon as you land. Finish with an incredible Two Wheel Driving demonstration!

This experience voucher is valid for 12 months from date of purchase.


This experience is located within 10km of the Auckland CBD.

Session Length

This Stunt Car Driving School runs about once a month. This class is approximately 3.5 hours long, and they always start before 1pm.

Available Dates:

Location Date Availability
Auckland and North Saturday, 10 Jan 2015 Full
Auckland and North Sunday, 18 Jan 2015 Full
Auckland and North Monday, 26 Jan 2015 Spaces
Auckland and North Saturday, 7 Feb 2015 Spaces
Auckland and North Saturday, 21 Feb 2015 Full
Auckland and North Sunday, 22 Feb 2015 Spaces
Auckland and North Saturday, 28 Feb 2015 Spaces
Auckland and North Sunday, 8 Mar 2015 Spaces

Last updated on 19 December 2014.

These dates are guidelines only and are subject to daily change.

We suggest you only purchase a voucher for one of the dates listed above if you plan to redeem your voucher and book the date today.


This is a more advanced course, so a higher level of skill and confidence is ideal. A driver's licence is necessary, as is good health - please advise if you have any health concerns. Stunt driving isn't recommended for pregnant women. Under 18s will require a guardian to sign the waiver for them.


There's usually about 10-12 people in the class so you can get yourself together between takes!


Spectators are welcome at no cost.


Most weather is fine, but if extreme conditions threaten, we will call you to reschedule at the earliest convenience. If you have doubts about the weather, please give us a call.


The map below gives you the location of this experience to allow you to plan.

Exact location, directions and meeting place will be available to you once you have booked your experience