T2 16 Tops Tea Pack

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  • T2's top 16 teas in one pack
  • Varied blends including French Earl Grey, Assam, Green Rose and Oolong
  • Beautifully packaged gift

The ideal gift for someone who needs their morning cuppa to function; the Top 16 from T2 includes all your favourite blends. With gorgeous packaging, this tea hamper is a joy to receive and open. Enjoy classics like Earl Grey, Darjeeling and Oolong as well as quirky blends like Green Rose.

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Why You'll Love This

What's Included?

What's Included? 

  • 16 mini cubes of T2 blends 
  • Stylish gift box
  • Free delivery 

For those obsessed with tea and who love discovering unique blends; this T2 gift pack is a wonderful gift. Packaged in a stylish box, each mini cube is filled with a different loose leaf tea. With a varied range of blends that will appeal to any tea drinker, this pack contains all the 'favourites' of this hip brand. 

Pack includes;

  • Grand Yunnan: Black tea - bittersweet finish, chocolate and orange aromas
  • Assam: Black tea - deep burgundy infusion with robust flavours, malty taste
  • Darjeeling: Black tea with golden infusion, sweet floral and fruity aromas
  • French Earl Grey: Black tea - medium bodied with pretty hibiscus and rose flavours that play with the classic bergamot
  • Melbourne Breakfast: Black tea - vanilla notes
  • New York Breakfast: Black tea - tastes of hot pancakes and cinnamon and vanilla flavours
  • Lamington: Black tea - robust with hints of chocolate and tropical coconut
  • Banana Bake: Black tea - hints of banana and vanilla, contains nuts and banana bits
  • Green Rose: Green tea - blended with rose petals and tropical fruits, contains fruit bits
  • Gorgeous Geisha: Sencha green tea - strawberries and cream flavour
  • Jade Mountain: Green tea with a hint of chocolate and hazelnut praline, contains nuts, fruit and gen mai cha
  • Japanese Sencha: Traditional green tea, grassy and fresh
  • Japanese GMC Sencha: Traditional green tea with savoury roasted rice taste
  • Pi Lo Chun: Green tea - hints of chestnuts and floral
  • Oolong: Oolong tea - delicate nutty flavour, tea is semi-fermented
  • Oolong Berry: Oolong tea - fragrant and delicate flavour with a raspberry taste
  • Garden Party: Caffeine free fruit blend - sweet fruity flavours and fresh herbs