Swoop For Two


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    Not for the faint hearted but for those keen to fly! This is one, two or three people at a time in hang-gliding harnesses 40m high in the air. After 3, 2, 1...you pull the ripcord and FLY, swinging to reach speeds up to 120km/h - can you handle it?

    Why You'll Love This

    What's Included?

    The Swoop consists of specially designed hang gliding harnesses where you are cocooned inside. Up to three people can participate in a Swoop at one time, the more people the better the ride.

    You nominate who pulls the ripcord on command and you are winched 40 meters sky high above the Ngongotaha Stream. Your jumpmaster will call ‘ready on the ripcord’ and as you release yourself; you plunge towards the earth at 130kmph!
    On the Day

    Session Length

    The Swoop lasts for roughly 10 minutes, including getting set-up and hopping out of the Swoop. We are open 9am to 5pm daily, 364 days of the year (closed Christmas Day). Please book as far in advance as possible in the summer and Easter holidays are we are extremely busy.

    Numbers on the Day

    One, two or three people at a time can enjoy this experience. The price quoted is for two people.


    Operational in all weather except, heavy rain, where it will make it uncomfortable for all involved.

    Dress Code

    Anything can be worn, as it is only your head and arms that are free from the Swoop harness. Wet weather clothing such as rain jackets are available.

    Other Info

    Photos are available of the experience either on CD or 5"x7" prints or both, this is an additional cost payable directly to the supplier on the day.
    ... and Importantly


    The Swoop is available for ages 5 and up. It is not recommended for people with a heart condition, epilepsy, neck or back problems, neurological disorders or those who are pregnant.