New Zealand

Have friends and family in New Zealand? RedBalloon offers hundreds of fantastic experiences across the land of the long, white cloud.
So share the experience love across the Tasman.

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United Kingdom

For those with loved ones in the UK, we've developed a site to make it easier for them to send RedBalloon gifts from the UK to Australia or New Zealand. So now there's no excuse for your family and friends not to spoil you from afar.

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Global Experience Alliance (GEA)


RedBalloon has joined forces with leading experience providers across the globe to form the world's first allience for the experiences industry, the Global Experience.

Giving you access to a global network of similar companies to RedBalloon, you can now purchase experiences around the world. Whether you want to buy a unique gift for friends and family living overseas, or you want to plan a special activity for your next holiday, there is a huge range of experiences to choose from.

Germany - Yamanado
UK - Red Letter Days
Spain - Lifestyle Group
Italy - Elation
Norway - Live it
Sweden - Live it
Czech Republic - Allegria
Alovakia - Allegria
USA - Excitations
Poland - Wyjatkowy Prezent