Hot Air Ballooning Over Hawkes Bay

Hastings, Hawke's Bay

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    Enjoy the magic of Hot air ballooning over Hawkes Bay Wine country, panoramas from the mountains to the sea, and the best views of Hawkes Bay in a romantic setting. You'll be in awe at the beauty of the patchwork of land below!

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    Why You'll Love This

    What's Included?

    Meet us in Hastings at dawn, we will transport you to the launch site chosen on the day for the very best flight. We fly over farmland, vineyards, orchards, and town, and enjoy a picturesque mountain backdrop. Part of the ballooning magic is that you never know in advance where you will land, maybe a paddock, dry river bed, or school yard. There is always excitement wherever we land. After the flight we pack up and share a traditional ballooning picnic in a romantic setting.
    On the Day

    Session Length

    Hot air ballooning must be done within the first 2 hours of sunrise, therefore we only have one flight per day. Each flight is approximately one hour, but please allow roughly 4 hours for the whole experience.

    Numbers on the Day

    The price quoted is for one person. There will be a minimum of three and a maximum of six people in the basket during your flight.


    Our pilots reserve the right to cancel the flight if weather conditions are not suitable and reschedule for a later date. Please call the pilot during the week before the flight for an update on the weather. If flight is canceled the customer is responsibly for rescheduling a booking date.

    Dress Code

    Wear comfortable outdoor clothing and flat supportive shoes i.e. runners, or boots/waterproof shoes and woollen socks in winter. The temperature in the balloon is normally warmer than on the ground so it is advisable to wear layered clothing which can be discarded if necessary.

    Other Info

    Bring your camera and lots of film. Our pilots are well qualified and CAA certified, and are subject to regular checks by the CAA. Our balloons are well maintained and certified regularly by CAA. Throughout the flight the pilot is in regular contact with the chase vehicle and Air Traffic control.
    ... and Importantly


    Children over 8 years allowed when accompanied by an adult, but we do not recommend children under 10 years. If you suffer from any disability which restricts outdoor activity, you should first contact us. Please notify us if you are pregnant. All passengers MUST provide us with your weight in kgs.