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In business it can be difficult to find 'the right gift' - something that will appeal to everyone, and also remind them who the gift was from! At RedBalloon we have the perfect answer - put your logo and message on a personalised experience voucher.

We want people to talk about your business; to tell their family and friends what they were given, and by whom. You are the hero in this conversation, so we want to build the emotional connection between your brand and your people. When people get to do great experiences and share good times with others, it will reflect back on you as the giver.

Our branded and personalised vouchers can be used for so many different reasons and occassions. From length of service awards, to client gifts; prizes and incentives to team building; end of Financial Year incentives to employee awards. There's something for every person, every business and every occassion.

CELEBRATION: Ideal for welcome gifts, prizes, rewards, gifting occasions, surprises.

CHOICE: Available in denominations of NZ$25, up to $1,000+. 

We understand how important a personal touch is and offer the ablity to customise gift vouchers with your own company logo and personalised message.

CONVENIENCE: Gift vouchers can be sent via email or post. 

corporate gift vouchers
Our most popular product

Branded and personalised gift vouchers. 

With the inclusion of your company logo and a personalised message, recipients always remember who gave them an amazing experience.

We know that people are key to business success, and we can support you with the right solution for your business, including employees, clients and suppliers. Specific experiences, gift vouchers for any denomination; and even personalised gifts from our sister brand Wrapped. We have over 700 experiences that can be tailored for your business and budget - from cooking classes to V8 race days, there is something for everyone.

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